Tuition Business Invoicing and Management Software

Administrator Logins

Administrators can be given various levels of access to the system eg manage clients, students, tutors billing. The Company Owner has full control of the system and can add and remove Administrators and Branches.

Online Tutor Registration

Tutors can register themselves to work for your company by filling in a form online, administrators can then manage tutors profiles, teaching skills, qualifications, availability, photo, CV, background checks, documents, schedule.

Approved Tutors

Administrators can manage tutors profiles, teaching skills, qualifications, availability, financial history, photo, CV, background checks, documents, schedule, make tutor payments

Clients CRM

Clients pay for lessons and are linked to their Students. They can log into their own dashboard to view documents, schedule, reports and make payments. Administrators can manage their client list, their students details, financial history, documents, credit card payments

Students Profiles

Students can log into their dashboard to view and download documents and their schedules through their calendar. 

1 to 1 lessons or group classes

TutorCruncher can manage 1 to 1 tuition and classes with multiple tutors and students.


TutorCruncher has a unique way of joining the various aspects of a tuition job or class. You can define an individual charge rate per student, pay rate per tutor, tax setting and rate, multiple required teachin skills, location and status

Lesson Timesheets

Tutors login to create lesson reports. Lessons are created within jobs and define the tutors and students who should be charged and paid and their rates. Lessons have a start and an end time and a location.

Tutor-Student Matching

Our Jobs feature allows you to effortlessly select which tutor you use for which tutoring job. You create a job defining the charge rate, tutor pay rate, location, subject, academic level and a description. Your Approved Tutors are automatically sent an email alerting them of the available position and they can then register their interest by logging into their dashboard. Administrators then have a short list of tutors to discuss the position with rather than calling all the tutors in their database many of whom might be unavailable.

Invoicing Automation

Invoices are generated based the charges entered into the systems database by administrators and tutors from Lesson reports and from one off Adhoc Charges. Having reviewed draft invoices the administrator can authoise them and they are sent by email. Invoices can be paid by any means but we have a very slick integration with which allows for smooth fast credit card payments.

Tutor Payment Automation

Tutor payments orders are generated based on lessons and expenses entered into the system. Filter payments to pay tutors only for lessons for which clients have already paid to maintain your position as an agent and eliminate the need for signed time sheets.

Financial Balance

Monitor your clients live financial balance. Even before you have sent an invoice you can see your clients live balance based on lessons entered into the schedule by tutors. This allows you to manage credit balances where you charge clients in advance of lessons (reminding them to top up if they run out of credit) and set credit limits to avoid clients overspending.

Lesson Reports

You can customise the questions asked in lesson reports asking for text, star ratings, dropdown menus and more asking the questions you want the tutor to give feed back on after the lesson.

Tutor Lesson Expenses

Tutors can add expenses to lessons e.g. train tickets and book charges. These are automatically added to invoices and deducted from Clients Financial Balances.

Adhoc Charges

Create Adhoc Charges to charge and pay one off amounts to clients or tutors. These charges are stored in the Database and automatically added to draft Invoices and Tutor Payment Order when you generate invoices. 

Arbitrary Database fields

Create your own custom database fields for tutors, students, clients, lesson reports so you can manage your company in your own unique way.

Sales Tax and VAT Settings

Charge tax on the whole amounts, no tax, or tax on the margin. As an agency you may be able to pay tax only on the commission element of your charges saving costs. TutorCruncher does this paperwork and accounting for you. Tax rates can be set at a company or client level depending on your situation.

Broadcasts – Mass Emailing

Keep in touch with your tutors, students and clients. Send personalised mass emails to select groups of tutors, students and clients. Add your company logo and use mailmerge to personalise the emails by adding the recipients name eg Dear Thomas. You can even add photos to the email body! Recipients can unsubscribe at the click of a button. 

Live Business Analytics

All of TutorCrunchers database feeds into our analytics module where you can see your companies financial performance, sales, tutor database summaries, account manager performance

Calendar Schedule and Tutor Availability

View the schedule by tutor, student or classroom availability. Set custom colours for different students for easy interpretation of schedule. Tutors and Administrators can use the calendar to manage tutors schedule availability.

Student Academic Year Calculator

At the start of each academic year your students position is automatically increased to the next year so you know what stage each of your students is at.

Bespoke Corporate Branding

Look professional. Set your own, corporate colour scheme, logo, email templates, email address to send emails from.

Automatic Email Alerts

Email alerts of low Financial Balances, Invoices, Tutor Payments, payment receipts etc

3rd Party Affiliates

Set an Affiliate to pay a percentage of your earnings from a certain client to a 3rd party referrer.

Document Store

Administrators and tutors can upload documents eg worksheets, scans of lesson assignments or identification documents

Integrations – Credit Card Payments and Accounting

Integrated with for seamless online card payments meaning clients pay for their lessons faster. We also integrate with Xero, Sage, Quickbooks, Freshbooks and more.

Multi Branch Functionality

Manage multiple branches of your company under a single login and control administrators access levels

Cloud based and Mobile App

TutorCruncher is a secure cloud based system so you, your clients and tutors can access it from anywhere on any internet connected device, Ipad, smart phone or computer. You can also have your own bespoke company mobile app with your corporate branding.

TutorCruncher can be used in any country and with any currency!

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